About Us



Transitional Center is a transitional living program for adults who are homeless, recovering addicts and alcoholics, recently released parolees, as well as individuals with mental challenges. Our vision for persons with any of these conditions is to live peaceful, joy-filled, healthy lives. Our mission is to empower wellness and hope to persons in need of assistance through transitional housing, supportive care, advocacy, and recovery-focused skill development in the following areas: 

▪ Daily living and self-care

▪ Pre-vocational/Vocational

▪ Socialization

▪ Recreation

▪ Community Living

▪ Living Independently

▪ Dealing with the effects of institutionalization 

Our Transitional Living Program functions to provide clients the skills necessary to transition back into the community. The program is a personal responsibility program- meaning you will get out of the program what you put into it. Our rules, policies, and procedures are in place to ensure the client's safety, health, and overall well-being.  

This handbook provides you with a better understanding of Transition House's Transitional Living Program for you to make an informed decision about your participation with us. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call (310) 346-4565, email (miracleofgodfoundation@gmail.com), or visit our Miracle of God Foundation website (dahbiz.org).   

Darren Holbert, President, CEO

A Miracle of God

     I am a US Army Veteran who served over four years.  I’ve was diagnosed with several service-connected disabilities. While suffering from significant depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD, among other issues, I began to abuse alcohol and became drug-addicted.  This lead to becoming homeless for over 16 years on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles living on the sidewalks and under bridges where I was stabbed in the heart and left the streets clinically dead.  I was in and out of the penitentiary or county jail for 14 years.  I was tired of the life I was living and contemplated suicide several times. 

     On November 29th of 2006, I was re-released from the penitentiary.  I completed a treatment program and then went to a sober living and began this recovery journey from my dual diagnosed conditions.  Having been sober since 2006 with 14 years of sobriety, I am a Federal employee with several outstanding appraisals and employee of the quarter awards.  From homeless to a homeowner and from unemployed to an employer, you can't tell me God isn’t Great!  Now is the time to give back.  My mother always told me, “You can’t be a testimony without being tested.”  The journey continues!  Praise God  

Dana Holbert, Secretary

The Journey Continues

     I am the mother of three amazing Sons who has educated me about life and its opportunities and lessons. I worked as an un-enlisted officer for the US Navy for three years from 1989-1992, after which I began to expand my horizon and seek better choices in life. Before childbirth, I experienced inappropriate relationships that involved alcohol and drugs, which caused me much hardship and pain. The great thing about change is you will grow in leaps and bounds when you dedicate your life to healing and maintaining a healthy environment. I won't say the remainder of my journey was easy and without opportunity because that is not true. I was homeless with my children for six months on one occasion, and then on another occasion, I was homeless for a year.

      We lived in hotels and in our car to avoid being seen by law enforcement. Although these opportunities happened, we never gave up, and we learned to use our adversity to power us to our next significant step. After all this, the children eventually graduated high school,  two went to college, and one went to work for me as my foreman. Oh, I forgot to say I opened a Construction Company which renovated historical properties. All the while, I maintained another company that completed annual taxes. I also hosted a daycare center to help offset our needs. We were continually changing and growing. I have now achieved greatness in so many ways to help build a business foundation, such as the Miracle of God Foundation. I have completed my Doctorate in Business Administration, and I am looking forward to using it for great things. Here we are today preparing to partake in our family's endeavor to help others who are in need as we once were. I am excited and pleased to participate in such a great experience. The journey does continue. Praise God from whom all Blessing Flow. 

Raymond Howard, Manager


What I have experienced in life cannot fit within this article, but I can share a portion of what I have gone through. I will start with my last run. 


      I was in Atlanta, Georgia. I had stopped going to church. One of the people I had moved in with was an ex-co-worker. Well, what I think is that’s when I lost my job and quit going to church, I was now at the house to see what was going on. I was no longer fellowshipping with the saints. I was now hanging out with the big boys! So I started smoking weed and listening to gangster rap. Shortly after that, I found myself in the forest…smoking crack! 

      Knowing that my situation was out of control, I called my dad and asked him to mail me a plane ticket. By the time I reached LAX Airport It was a weekday and my dad was sound asleep. I came up with a beautiful idea; since I have been gone for about two years, I decided to hang out until dad got off work. Well, we know the story. First, it was the I’m glad to see you hit, then it was a drink and sex. Then selling dope to support my habit and only to catch a case on 5th and Crocker St. Looking at 17 years in prison I did what most of us do, I prayed! I ended up sentenced to do 16 months off of a 2-year sentence. 

      Sent to Delano State Prison, I broke down. I turned to my higher power (whom I choose to call Jesus Christ) whom I knew could help me! F56477 roll it up. It was the beginning of positive change for me! I was sent to (what I was told the S.A.P yard). It had been 20 years since I had been to prison, so I thought it was an idiot yard, p/c yard, or something along those lines. Let’s fast forward to my release date. SASCA did not pick me up. So with a made-up mind, I caught the Greyhound to 4026 Century to Walden House, completed residential and outpatient, received my plant from Grand facility during the completion ceremony, graduated from the program at the Certificate of completion ceremony held at U.S.C College. I have since been elected to the Walden House Alumni Association chair of Southern California Region. With the help of the board, I have successfully reactivated the Alumni Association in the month of February 2009. I have joined and remained an active member of Bethesda Temple Church for over a year, singing to the Lord in Sunday service and serving as a Chaplain with the men's aux fellowship. 

I have reestablished a positive relationship with my family members, and this is our second year having family functions on holidays. I have been at Chrysalis (a temp agency) for over a year. I am also a productive member of society. My sponsor okay-ed